16.0 h Connemara-TB, gray gelding
born 3-24-96
Bred by FFC; owned by Helen Elser (Kate von Steinbach (NC) - owner of record)

2001 ACPS Silver Medallion in Dressage

previously owned by Terri Carter, Camden, SC (below)

Competition: Pumpkin Patch Dressage 11/6/2004 - 11/7/2004
Class: Open Dressage, 1st Level Freestyle, 60.208% Judge: Joan Humphrey

Pinehurst Fall Dressage - September 25-26, 2004
Open Dressage, Second Level Test 1, 58.684 % Judge: Carol Bishop
Open Dressage, Second Level Test 1, 56.842 % Judge: Joan Humphrey

CDI***/CDI-Y Raleigh & Capital Dressage Classic - June 4-6, 2004
Restricted Dressage, Second Level Test 2, 53.243 % Judge: Margaret Freeman

Spring Fling, Camden, SC - April 17-18, 2004
Qualifying Open Dressage, First Level Test 4, 65.278 % Judge: Thomas Poulin
Qualifying Open Dressage, First Level Test 4, 60.278 % Judge: Barbara Stender

Congratulations to Teri and River on their wonderful showing at the 2003 ACPS Region 4 Show, where they took home the Halfbred Championship Award! 10/03

Swift Creek Farm Summer Breeze Dressage June 13-15, 2003  
Qualifying Open Dressage, First Level Test 4, 61.111 % Judge: Sarah Michael
Qualifying Open Dressage, First Level Test 4, 60.833 % Judge: Libby Anderson

Dressage in the Sandhills Pinehurst Harness Track 05/09/03-05/11/03
Qualifying Open Dressage, First Level, Test 4, 62.500% Judge: Elizabeth McMullen
Qualifying Open Dressage, First Level, Test 4,
59.722% Judge: Jan Jacobson

The Heritage Classic March 15-16, 2003  
Qualifying Open Dressage, Training Level Test 4,
4th Place - 64.615% Judge: Betsy Berrey


Greystone Kellington X Flashy Pam (TB)


The blue stands out in Teri's red, white and blue (9/01)
Hi, Just wanted to catch you up on River's (Piedmont Riveria) progress. We went to an AHSA/USDF show last weekend. It was tough getting going after all that has happened to our nation this month. The show began with a moment of silence and the playing of the National Anthem. There were little United States flags and bookmarks in our packets--a very appreciated extra touch. We pulled ourselves together ,as everyone else is trying to do, and put in the best rides that we could under the circumstances. As it turned out -- it was good enough to take home three red-white-and blue 1st place ribbons. We will move up to first level at the next schooling show and begin our new work to master our goals with the same quality and joy for work and life as we did before Sept. 11, 2001. Sincerely, Teri Carter

We enjoyed a beautiful 80 degree day to try out our 1st Level Test One. ... we were 3rd out of 4 rides with a score of 60-something. The others have been showing 1st and above for the past year. Not bad for our first attempt. I am sure that most mistakes were my fault. I need to be more secure with the movements in the test to be able to think ahead and set him up correctly. My goal was to break 60 % and we did that!!! Quite respectable I think--the judge was not giving anything away. There were scores in the 40s and 50s during the day. SOOOOOOOOOOO I was very proud. ...
We had our "River" fan club there (my coach and a few friends). That was really nice. They made a special trip back to the show to be with us. Good friends are a treasure!!!!! There were a couple of people that I don't know that took pictures of him. I hope I can get a hold of a copy. ...
We are working on 1st 4. We might just skip on up again. We will use the rest of fall and winter to work on new "stuff"-- and just have some fun jumping--trail riding etc----but in the spring----Look out---here we come again. Teri

River won both of his classes this past weekend (Training Level Test 1 and Test 2), with a 69+% on each. (4/29/01)

Training Level Test 2 - Won the class with a 67.9 (9/00)


"River went to his second show. We only did one class, USDF Intro 2, and came away with the second hightest score OF THE DAY; 66.3!

First show (2000): USDF Intro Test 1 - tied for 1st with a 59.59 - USDF Intro Test 2 - 2nd place with 61.49. The judge was from Virginia with AHSA "r" . I was very proud of him for his first time out. Everyone said he was very "elegant". The really cute thing is that the horse that was first place was a full Connemara named Hannah** from Charleston SC. Owner T. Carter (3/13/00)
High Rock's Hannah by Balmullo's Beacon

Kate Denton & River, pictured age 3 (1999)