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Also proudly announcing the arrival of Foothills Highlander (black, purebred Connemara colt, born 7/14/17!) He is by Balmullo's Beacon, out of Foothills River Queen
Highlander is full sibling to Foothills Magnolia and Foothills Houston.

He's widdle cause he's early but he's precious and perfect<3

Notice that he is standing on the high ground - his choice! He is truely a "Highlander" :-)

The Three musketeers...Cadence, Faithfilly and Molly Brown at the Oregon Horse Center (Donna Huntsman July 2017)

Boomer has gone advanced in combined training and is still booking it XCo!

Foothills Farms is extremely excited and pleased to introduce Foothills Brouhaha , born 6/16/17 (Foothills Field Marshall x Tullymor's Blush)!!
His sire is a successful eventer and his dam is an approved Premium Connemara. Bred and owned by Vanessa Morgan, Bro is available for purchase.

Bro was born 6/16/17 and surprised us all with his unexpected color. He was born black [that wasn't such a surprise; he is a masking black (carries the dilute Cr gene)], but the real surprise is that he will be grey! Apparently Blush, a Cremello mare, carries the grey gene! Bro is adorable, spunky, friendly and perfect:-)

Sire and Dam:

Cadence Kennel and Foothills Faithfilly taking their victory gallop after winning the Jr Intro division at Camelot Equestrian Park Foundation Area 6 USEA recognized horse trials June 9-11, 2017.

The rider is 11 year old Cadence Kennel in the Jr/YR Intro Division.
They got the red ribbon as well for being
2nd closest to optimum time.
Thank you, Donna Huntsman, for the news and photos!

I had a great time at the 2017 ACPS Region IV Show with Carole Moss and my Connemaras, Marit and Roo. It was great to see my friends, the ponies and making memories!



Seaborne's Maritime at her 2nd dressage show: 5/6/17 CDCTS Spring Show (at Elder's Last Lap Ranch, Maryville, TN)


I had to ride test C before test B and warm-up was interesting (apparently, there was a visiting stallion at the show and Marit is quite interested in the fellows) but we pulled through:-) Thankfully, she put those thoughts aside when I was in the saddle; she was very rideable and our scores improved over our 1st show:-)
Intro Test C 60.50% -
2nd place, Intro Test B 64.38%- 3rd place









Tullymor's Macaroni Pony got a bath. That's news (just because he has never had one in all his 4 years!)

I was very pleased with my mare, Seaborne's Maritime, at the Hiwassee College D & CT schooling show last weekend. We did Intro B & C and got 2nd place in each class. More importantly, we both kept our cool (relatively:-) with only a few show nerves displayed by either of us, though each carried some tension. I have not shown much undersaddle in years (only once, since taking up driving), and this was Marit's first ridden show, with a few "good excuses" to be distracted. Overall, I was very encouraged and proud of her willingness and ability. She is a lovely, lovely horse. "Thank you" to Denise Hill for selling Marit to me, to Melissa McKenzie for training her and coaching me, and to Sharon Cannon for the moral support! (Vanessa 4/10/17)

Congratulations to Carla Jimmerson on Carlin on 2nd place in their Training Level HT this past weekend! (April 8, 2017)

Foothills Field Marshall rocked it to 2nd place at Rocking Horse Spring HT: 3/31-4/1/17

2017 colt, Windy Hollow Elija (Foothills Field Marshall x Windy Hollow Modern Millie) - Bred and owned by Amy Plavin

Welcome Windy Hollow Elijah-born this am to his surrogate dam in Ocala. Purebred colt by Foothills Field Marshall, out of Amy Plavin's lovely dressage pony, Windy Hollow Modern Millie.

Congratulations to Briana Stolley on her 1st place finish at Middleton Place HT (March 2017) riding Balmullo's Catfish!

Printed in "American Connemara" March/April 2016 Edition II, Vol. 7 No.2:

Zaboomafoo is a now 10 yr old Connemara-TB gelding by *Gun Smoke, owned, trained and ridden by Anna Stein.

Congratulations to Tracy Scheinkman and her 3 yr old, 1/4 Connemara stallion, Misty Smokey Colorado (aka Smokey). He is by Fable Perseus, Arabian, out of Misty Mountain Spirit (by *Gun Smoke) and is eligible for Connemara Sport Horse Registration.
2nd place Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian Sport Horse In Hand Stallions at the Scottsdale Arabian Show (Feb-2017)

Foothills Field Marshall at Rocking Horse - February 2017

W.H. Topgun at Rocking Horse HT - February 2017

Zoe Schroeder on Piedmont Sundance

Congratulations to Elaine Meilahn on her lease of All Cats Are Grey (12 y/o Connemara mare) By Balmullo's Beacon out of Foothills Kelligan (by Greystone Kellington)

So glad to see Lisa enjoying her pony, Tullymor's Shady Lady, and having success in dressage and jumping:-)


Balmullo's Catfish did his first recognized at Rocking Horse this weekend. He won the dressage (by a lot), clean XC but got a little freaked out by the plants and banners in the show jump and pulled 2 green rails from being inattentive to the jumps (mind elsewhere). Ended 5th. Very happy with him. (Briana Becker Stolley 170130)

Vanessa, Just wanted to give you an update on Darlin/ Darby. She is doing great and has about 4 short rides on her. I wanted to trail ride her around the property over the weekend with my lease gelding. So my daughter rides Darlin in the arena for the first time and can't believe how quiet she is. She's says, "Mom, you are going to need a crop or spurs with this one", which of course, totally suits me fine. The gelding, who is 19, was fresh as he could be and I had to lunge and lunge him. Darlin just stood on the opposite side of the arena watching him buck and snort like a lunatic. Cool as a cucumber. She could not be bothered by his antics. She has trotted over some ground poles and over a 18" crossrail. Did not phase her. I'm sure at some point, she will behave stupidly over something, but for right now, she is just as awesome as she can be!

We never trail rode that day. The gelding was way to fresh. He needs some wet blanket time.
I'm obsessed with her in a good way!! Just wanted to let you know I adore her. Hope you are doing well. Thank you, Melanie (2/22/17)

Congratulations to Melanie Anderson (Rockwell, NC) on her purchase of Oh My Darlin (4 y/o [hb] Connemara filly); I'm sure sad to see this darlin' leave, but I know Melanie will be a perfect home for her.

Feb 2017

Tully Wind has arrived at her new home with Kim Gates, in Washington, GA. We will sure miss this sweet girl.

Tullymor's Macaroni Pony (4 y/o Connemara gelding) He's here! This guy is very kind and is going to be super athletic, once he gets through this growth spurt!


Hi Mom! Trailered over to Shaker Village for my first off the farm trail ride thru creeks and up steep hills. I was foot perfect! Followed the fat white pony that I ordinarily terrorize lol. (Marion 10/2016)

L to R: Darlin and Juniper

Kynynmont Gunsmoke’s Gideon Is Giving The Little Guy A Good Name - Article from the Chronicle of the Horse

2016 ACPS Eventing Bronze Medallion: Piedmont Herman

2016 ACPS Eventing Silver Medallion: Black Dog's Top of the Morning

USEA 2016 4th place Connemara Novice HOTY: Old Carolina Bitsy

2016 USEA 4th place Connemara Training Level HOTY: Foothills Field Marshall

2016 USEA 7th place Connemara Training Level HOTY: Valley Creek Carlin LeBeau

2016 USEA 5th place Halfbred Connemara Training Level HOTY & 2016 ACPS Eventing AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: Piedmont Sundance


2016 USDF All-Breed 1st place 4th Level: Kynynmont Cooper O'Grady & 2016 USEF Dressage Purebred Connemara of the Year - RESERVE CHAMPION

2016 USDF All-Breed 1st place Intermediare I and 1st place Prix St. George: Kynynmont Gunsmoke's Gideon
& 2016 USEF Dressage Halfbred Connemara of the Year - RESERVE CHAMPION

2016 ACPS Halfbred Connemara of the Year: Zaboomafoo

Congratulations to 2016 Halfbred Connemara of the Year Zaboomafoo aka Smoke and Mirrors (Gunsmoke X TB), Owned by Anna Stein.

The Halfbred Connemara of the Year award recognizes a Purebred or Halfbred Connemara that has done something special to attract attention to the breed, either competitively or non competitively, in the past year.

Our Connemara family at the 2016 AEC's

Valley Creek Carlin LeBeau video footage provided by RNSVIDEOMEDIA.COM

Elliott Blackmon on Foothills Field Marshall:

Zoe Schroeder on Piedmont Sundance:

I am over the moon with Boomer in our first CCI** at Rebecca Farms. Never in a million years did I expect we would be able to accomplish this together. Dressage left room for much improvement-Boomer got a bit cocky at times, we had some great moments, and we received two errors for one early and late movement, but the good parts get better every time. I was nervous to run such a long, difficult course after not running xc on him since Galway. My worries went away the second we left the box. Boomer was so in tune, every fence a good one. I wanted to just get around and be safe, and took my time. I was elated to find out we came in clean with just 1.2 time penalties. He jogged up perfectly Sunday morning in jogs and show jumped so well in the ring. We had a rail at #3 getting there just a little flat, and I rode backwards just enough to get weak into the triple, for two more rails, but he was so rideable, felt amazing, and jumped so well everywhere else. I am beyond blessed to have a horse like him. We also received the Guiness award for being the highest placed Young Rider. Boomer and I have had some ups and downs this year but this weekend made it all worth pushing through.

Foothills Juniper and her newest young rider, Elisabeth - August 2016, fourth place!


We are so excited to announce the expectation of two "Foothills" Connemaras next year!
Tullymor's Blush was bred to Foothills Field Marshall and is expecting to foal around July 1, 2017
Foothills River Queen was bred to Balmullo's Beacon and is expecting to foal around August 5, 2017

Foothills Caroline won the Purebred Connemara Mares class at the ACPS Region 10 show and also earned the Consummate Connemara Trophy, donated by Helen & Mel King to be awarded to the purebred Connemara, regardless of age or sex, who in the opinion of the judges, exemplifies the breed in the following: Type, Temperament, Conformation, Athletic Ability, and Movement , in that order.
Caroline was also ridden in two Training Level dressage tests and earned qualifying scores in both.
Congratulations to Darian Hall!

Congratulations to Piedmont Herman and Gardner Cook, top eventer at the Region 4 Connemara Show, Chatt Hills, Atlanta


CONGRATULATIONS to Vicky Castellano! She took Tullymor's Kessie to the 2014 ACPS Region 5 show won her 2-4 yr old purebred class AGAIN!:-)
Tullymor's Kanga earned
3rd place in the 2-4 yr old purebred class the 2015 ACPS Region 5 show.

I'm back from St Louis and I'm very proud of my ponies. Kessie won her class again, Mares and fillies ages 2-4. Kanga took third place in the same class. Then I took Kessie In-hand trail and she got 4th. I won a lovely tea pot from Ireland at the silent auction. The BBQ dinner was delicious. It was a good time! (Vicky C - July 2016)

ACPS Region IV Show photos

Tullymor's Blush: 1st place purebred Connemara mares (age 4 and over) and ACPS Region 4 In-Hand Grand Champion Purebred (June 2016)

Presented for Inspection by the ACPS - all Approved: Tullymor's Shady Lady, All Cats Are Grey, and Tullymor's Blush.
Blush was awarded the
"Premium" status for approved broodmares.

Gardner Cook with Piedmont Herman, Connemara-Percheron gelding

Brionna Harper riding Corner Oak Celtic Star - 2nd place in their BN 3-phase division at Chattahoochee Hills

Gardner Cook riding Piedmont Herman - 4th place in their BN 3-phase division at Chattahoochee Hills

Gardner and Herman were 1st place in Training Level Test 1 - B

So proud of the Super Pony, Kynynmont Gunsmoke's Gideon, who was the show High point and FEI High point in Lexington with his winning 70.7% in the Developing Prix St George! This is the most remarkable 8 yr old I've ever had the delight to train! He is so much fun, so talented, & every day a joy! Pam Liddell has many like him at her Connemara breeding farm in Pa! Erin Brooke Freedman will be riding, showing, & starting some half breeds just like Gideon! I'm 5'11 and he's plenty big enough for me at 15'2! I'm so grateful to have a group of amazing horses & wonderful supportive owners! Thank u all for your continued support! JJ Tate (May 2016)

Foothills Hopefilly and Foothills Caroline

Congratulations to Darian Hall, Rosewood Farm, CA, on her purchase of Foothills Caroline (9 y/o Connemara mare)!
Wishing them much fun and success in dressage, eventing &/or the breeding shed:-)

Congratulations to Diana Cooley on her lease of Foothills Hopefilly:-) Many fun times to come. Watch out California Prelim Single Ponies!

Congratulations to Sally Reid on the birth of her beautiful chocolate dun filly out of Tullymor's Tully Rose by Tullymor's Mountain Steel



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