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2 Connemaras in the Pony Club Qualdrille atRolex 2015, including Foothills Juniper.

March 2015


January 2015: Anna Stein on Zaboomafoo


Congratulations to Breezy on her 2nd place ribbon at the TAG DEA D&CT at Tri-State Exhibition Center, riding Foothills Caroline at their first show together. They did the Tadpole CT (Intro/2') and this pair had only 1 jumping lesson together, ever! At this same show, Melissa McKenzie took the blue riding Caroline in First Level Test 3.

Kynynmont Gunsmoke's Gideon 2008, 15.3h gelding (*Gun Smoke x Kynynmont Tara), was the 2014 ACPS HALFBRED CONNEMARA OF THE YEAR!
Congratulations to owner/breeder Pam Liddell of Conestoga, PA

Garnder Cook and Piedmont Herman (Nov 2014)

Shade's first show: CDCTA Schooling Show 9/20/14, ridden by Melissa McKenzie
Training Test 1 (68.0%) -
1st place
Training Test 3 (64.4%) -
2nd place

2014 Indiana Combined Driving Event, Hoosier Horse Park
Foothills Hopefilly: whip, Vanessa Morgan - navigator, Charlie Morgan

Finished in 6th in a highly contested field with only a few time faults in cones; this was our 1st recognized start in the Preliminary Single Pony divison.

Hope earned her Bronze Medallion in Driving from the American Connemara Pony Society

2014 USEA American Eventing Championships, Texas Rose

W.H. Top Gun

Bri competed in the Smokey Mountain Horse show at Stone Gate farm and achevied a lot! She rode Corner Oak Celtic Star (formerly a driving & trail pony) in the crossrails division. The first class with jumps that either of them had ever done. Then, a few short hours later, Bri also competed Balmullo's Beacon in her first class above cross-rails! Bri earned 2nd place in her first-ever jumper class and they did a fabulous job! Bri agrees that jumpers are way more fun than hunters:-) Beacon did double duty at this show and carried Alyssa in her first english horse show class. (8/2/14)

above: Bri on CoStar

above: Bri on Beacon

above: Alyssa on Beacon

I am very please to report that Foothills Hopefilly performed very well at the Middle TN Carriage Club HDT last weekend. This was our first go at Preliminary and we ended up in 2nd place! You can read the full details of our outing at the 2014 MTCC.


Congratulations to Anna Stein on her double-clear run on Zaboomafoo at her first 1-star, CCI*

Congratulations to Donna Duckworth on her purchase of 3 new Tully ponies! She got 2 rising yearling fillies and a beautiful 6 yr old buckskin mare. While we were hauling the ponies from Mr. Sherlin's farm in TN, (where they were gentled and Clementine Rose started some undersaddle work), I learned from Donna, who was inspecting ponies at the ACPS Region 5 show, that Tullymor's Kessie won her 2-4 yr old purebred class. (July 2014)

This was super exciting because Kessie is full sister to one of Donna's new ponies, Tullymor's Gracie Gray. I bought Kessies as a a yearling, did a lot of ground work, etc, with her and sold her to Vicky Castellano a couple months ago. Vicky has done a great job with Kessie and a big Congratulations to her on her win at the Region 5 show! I still have Kessie's older sister, Tullymor's Shady Lady, and older brother, Tullymor's Tigger (both are also for sale).

Congratulations to Kim Gates on her handsome bay colt, Poppyfield's He Himself a.k.a "Henry" by Loughrea Seamus out of Dreamcatcher's Fyrestorme (May 2014)

Another WIN for WH Top Gun at Chattahoochee Hills HT (May 2014)!

Foothills Caroline with Betty Ann Fagone

Congratulations to Vicky Castellano (AR) on her purchase of two lovely purbred Connemara fillies, Tullymor's Kessie and Tullymor's Kanga!

Foothill Juniper wins at Sayre CT 2014; they also performed on the Pony Club Quadrille at Rolex this year!

Hi, my name is Misha Wan. I wanted to give an up date on Tempo's Smokey Gem. In 2009, Gem placed 3rd in the $500 Pony Jumper Classic and Pony Jumper Champion at Memorial Day Classic Horse Show. Also in 2009 we placed 3rd in Pony Jumper Overall end of the year regionals at the Pacific coast horse shows association. In 2010, Gem won Champion in Pony jumpers 2'6" at the OCHSA Championship horse show. In 2011, Gem won the $500 Pony Jumper Classic at the Blenheim Red,White and Blue horse show. I was riding her in all these shows. (March 2014)

Training Level Win for WH Top Gun at Rocking Horse HT!

Success for Foothills Caroline at her first dressage show (March 2014)

2014 Spring D&CT at River Glen, New Market, TN
72.6% in Tr Test 2 -
1st place
72.2% in Tr Test 3 - 1st place

ridden by Melissa McKenzie

At the USEF Awards Banquet this month, 4 purebred Connemaras by *Gun Smoke earned their prestegious HOTY awards, as follows:

USEF Horse of the Year High Point Purebred Eventing:
2nd place W.H. TOPGUN, Nancy Kilcrease (FL)
3rd place FOOTHILLS FOGGY MORNING, Darian Hall (CA)

USEF Horse of the Year High Point Purebred Dressage:
2nd place KYNYNMONT COOPER O'GRADY, Pam Liddell (PA)
5th place KYNYNMONT KERRIANNA, Pam Liddell (PA)

Kynynmont Cooper O'Grady, Connemara stallion, by *Gun Smoke, was named 2013 ACPS Connemara of the Year!

2013 USEA American Eventing, Tyler, Texas (excerpt from a report by Donna Duckworth )
After many years in Chicago and then in Fairburn, GA, the American Eventing Championships were held this year in Tyler, Texas on September 24-28 on the lush green hills of the Texas Rose Horse Park. Four hundred and forty-two horses came from all over the USA to compete in fifteen divisions from Junior Beginner Novice to Advanced. They had qualified by completing (Intermediate and Advanced) or earning ribbons (the number and placings varied with the levels) along with no jumping penalties
in cross-country in USEA-recognized horse trials. Among the 442 were six purebred Connemaras. Two were bred in Virginia. Of the six, five finished in the ribbons in 1st through 8th place and participated in the exciting victory gallops.

Foothill's Field Marshall aka Bruiser, owned by Donna Duckworth, finished second in his division, Beginner Novice. He also was tied for third after dressage with a 29.5 and moved up to second after a clean XC, but stayed in second after both he and the first place horse went clean in stadium.

WH Topgun, owned by Jim and Nancy Kilcrease of Ocala, FL, was seventh in his division, the Novice Horse Division. Topgun was in first place for two days with only 25 penalty points and his many fans were pulling for him but he just touched a rail in stadium dropping him all the way to seventh. The two stallions, Bruiser and Topgun, were both sired by *Gun Smoke and both were ridden by Elliott Blackmon of Ocala. So their placings were a great accomplishment for both *Gun Smoke and Elliott.

Also in the AEC ribbons was Carla Jimmerson, riding her homebred Valley Creek Carlin LeBeau in the Novice Horse Division
They started out in 12th place but clean XC and stadium rounds moved them up to eighth. Carlin was sired by Heaven's Ridge Patrick out of Beacon's Cherubin Cathleen (by
Balmullo's Beacon).

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