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ARCHIVED FFC News & Results - 2011

Foothill Farms and Piedmont Connemaras would like to congratulate the following ACPS Achievement Award recipients for 2011:

Congratulations to Avery Lewis who recieved the 3rd place Year-End award at the GDCTA banquet for the 2011 BN Division.

Hi Vanessa, I thought I would give you a longer version of this weekend’s fun (Pine Top HT on 11/26-26). Beacon was his usual business like self. Throughout the weekend he was calm and focused. He and Avery have a routine that seems to work for both of the...her class had 12 (entries) because they had only two juniors and so combined them with the adults. Dressage was fine, (31.5). Stadium was flawless. They really burned it on the cross country, which was good, as the time was tight for all. Second place was nice. The lady that won was a fifty something that told us that she usually rode Novice but decided to have some fun riding Beginner Novice with no stress over Thanksgiving. In eight shows we have four 2nds, a third, a fifth, a seventh and an eighth. If my math is right, they are ranked 11th in the nation right now (USEA).
The two horses next to us were owned by young ladies in their 20’s in Avery’s class. Their Mom came up to us halfway through the competition and asked if Jill Mooney had ridden Beacon. We told her the story of Bubba’s history, and she said 'Oh great! Ten years ago that horse always beat me, and now he is beating my daughters! What luck!'
All in all, a great weekend. Beacon was truly great, as usual. He really is unflappable. Jeff (Nov 2011)

This is a video of Foothills Faithfilly (Balmullo's Beacon x Foothills Hopefilly) at the Oregon Region Show Jumping Rally last weekend.  There were three Connemara ponies on the team and they took 2nd out of 13 teams. This one is from the 3rd round (take your own line) where the kids have to make up their own course jumping each jump only once.(Donna Huntsman - Nov 2011)

Jeff Lewis wrote "You would be so proud of your little guy this weekend (11/12-11/13/11 at Poplar Place). He (Balmullo's Beacon) just went about his business. Their dressage was very nice, a 30.0, and everyone was complaining that the judge was too tough! Stadium jumping and cross country went off without even the slightest problem. Second place overall. Beacon never blinked, just did his thing. They were a bit fast on cross country, but Avery said they were both having so much fun that they didn’t care. Still under the time limit, but only 15 sec under. We sure do love that pony!!!"

Avery received her USEA Gold Medal yesterday. That is for three shows with dressage below 35 and all clear cross country. She can wear the medal pin on her jacket when she competes. Beacon seemed to prefer carrots, which he got a lot of.

They (team Beacon-Lewis) have also earned a USEA Blue Ribbon Award for finishing 1st through 3rd in three events in the same year.
They are already qualified for both Regional Champs (May) and AEC (Sept) 2012.

Conestoga, PA: Pam Liddell has sent another inspiring report! Pam says, “Even though they are smaller than most of the other competitors, Connemaras made a big impression this past weekend at the Colonel Bengt Ljungquist Memorial Championships and Garden State Classic Dressage Show, a combined three-day recognized dressage show at the New Jersey Horse Park. Two purebred Connemara ponies earned the three highest scores of the entire three-day show, sweeping first and second places in both Training Level Test 2 on Friday, and Training Level Test 3 on Sunday, and taking Reserve Champion in the Training Level Finals. Kynynmont Cooper O’Grady (*Gun Smoke X Kynynmont Moira) had not only the high score of the show (79.2%), but also the second highest score (78.2%). His half-sister, Kynynmont Blue Sapphire (“Sophie”) (Landgate Bluebeard X Kynynmont Moira), had the third highest score (76.8%). Cooper was also Training Level Reserve Champion with a score of 72.679%, and Sophie tied for 5th in the Training Level Championships with a score of 71.071%, in a class of 25. No one could have guessed from his steady performances that Cooper is only three years old, and a stallion to boot. Sophie was also absolutely steady, and thinks it’s a bummer to have to keep showing in the same classes as Cooper. Both Cooper and Sophie were ridden by assistant trainer, Emily O’Neill.

Also showing, in his first recognized show, was Kynynmont Gunsmoke’s Gideon (*Gun Smoke X Irish Rose), a Connemara half-bred ridden by trainer, Dorie Addy-Crow. Gideon, not to be outdone by his siblings, placed
first in Training Level Test 3 on Friday, with a score of 74.8%. He also took a third (72%) and a fifth (70.7%) (behind his siblings). Kynynmont Laney (Sir Galen’s Gild of Ledgewood X Greystone Adirondack Roseanna), ridden by Danni Toscano, was first in First Level Test 3 on Saturday, with a score of 72.258%, and also had a third in First-3 on Friday (68.065%). Kynynmont Kerrianna, ridden by Dorie Addy-Crow, took a third in Training Level Test 2 on Sunday, with a 70.714%. Cooper, Gideon and Kerrianna are dark duns, who attract much attention not only because of their small stature, but also because of their unusual color, which stands out in a crowd of bay and chestnut warmbloods. Everyone asks what breed they are, and I am pleased and proud to tell people they are Connemara ponies. Next year we look forward to competing at first and second levels (and Sophie and Laney maybe even at third). Onward and upward! Connemaras are the best!” (From weekly pony news 11/6/11)

Rachel Blalock, Carole Moss and I recently returned from the National Drive, at the KY Horse Park (October 5 - 9, 2011). It was another splendid weekend.

Rachel got lots to expose her Connemara-TB mare to lots of new things and it proved a confidence builder for both pony and Whip.

I drove my mare, Corner Oak Celtic Star (below left), and she learned a lot, too. There is so much to see and do at the National Drive. It is the BEST place to go with a horse that needs to get out to see and try new things in harness.

Carole brought the famous mini Cooper and was joined by family members vacationing in that beautiful setting of Lexington.

That same weekend at the Horse Park was the Kentucky Classic CDE, where I got to watch Marion Caldwell in her Preliminary bebut driving Foothills Juniper. This was only the 2nd recognized CDE for both Whip and pony, and they both handled all three phases like they've been doing it for years.

The same weekend, Avery Lewis had another fabulous weekend eventing on Balmullo's Beacon at the Pine Top Horse Trials. She rode two double clear jumping rounds, finishing on her dressage score of 30.0, earning her the 2nd place prize.

And Elaine M. writes about the same weekend "She has done it again! Bea (Foothills MayBee) continues to amaze me. We entered a dressage show this past weekend (at Kingland Farm) and Bea ended up as high point reserve champion for the show! We have a beautiful silver trophy. I entered so that we would be able to practice our test in a real arena before the upcoming event….I had no expectation of winning anything---this was Bea’s second dressage show. What a great pony!"

Congratulations to Pam Liddell on her excellent showing at 2011 Dressage at Devon!

In the Connemara class, she took 1st place with Kynynmont Kerrianna USDF DSHB Stock In-Hand 77.000%, and 2nd with Kynynmont Cooper O'Grady USDF DSHB Stock In-Hand 71.900%, both are by *Gun Smoke.

Great to hear from you Vanessa! We do indeed have Miss Faithfilly (Foothills Faithfilly) here in our barn. ..I have a very talented young rider who is bringing along an OTTB so I had her show Faith too that she could get some miles on an experienced easy ride. She is has won every Dressage class she was entered in except 1 (behind my other Connemara mare) and put in a good showing at the local hunter/jumper series shows in the 2’3” division. She went to a Horse Trial in California and placed 2nd with the same girl aboard. They are currently in 1st place for the 4 show point series with the last show coming up this weekend. My grandbabies also ride her in leadline Pony Club class and she will be helping 2 different youngsters get their D2’s later in the month. We adore her and she will remain inside our group for the remainder of her life...I have been sending in the forms for the lifetime achievement points, and have also arranged with all of our local show secretaries to offer the “Champion Connemara Of Show”. Faith won it at the last league series Dressage show, and she won it again today at the last show of the season! I will sit down and type up a summary of her show record for this year and send it to you. It’s pretty impressive. She will be the High Point Training level horse for the CCTA Summer Series, I’m sure. She has gotten 1st or 2nd in every class she’s been in.

I bred her to my stallion, Potiquimi Keely Shay (Lasrachais Blue Oaks Pooka /Potiquimi Taralina). She should foal in April and I will send pictures of the foal.

I have a business page on Facebook “CastleTown Connemara and TB’s. Talk to you soon, Donna (Oct 2011)

Avery Lewis had three terrific rides on Balmullo's Beacon at at the 9/24-9/25/11 Poplar Place USEA Horse Trials, securing the 3rd place ribbon. They wrapped up the weekend with double clear cross-country and stadium rounds, after earning great dressage score of 30.5 ppts.

You can access the Poplar show pics as follows:
Go to
Click on Horse Trials on the left
Click Show Photographer under the show Sept 23-25
Click on Poplar Place HT Sept 23-25
Click on #295 Balmullo’s Beacon

Vanessa, Took Bea (Foothills MayBee) to our first 3-phase today, beginner novice, at Loch Moy Horse Trials. She finished in first place on her dressage score of 30.5! The stadium and the XC course were not particularly easy and I am VERY proud of her. She was a wee bit nervous at times, but she handled herself beautifully. the place was a zoo with lots of entries---lots of horses, lots of activity. She is catching on really well. She did not completely trust the two water obstacles, but she went, bless her heart. I just chat to her the whole way through. I swear she listens to my explanation of the jumps!
This week I'm taking her to a 3-day foxhunting camp and we will go out cubbing with the hunt on Wed. I'm looking forward to that and I think Bea will love it. She has done so well on the two mock hunts we've been on. I just hope I can still fit into my old brown field boots. Been a long time.
Hope all is well with you. I hope you had a chance to go driving this weekend.
p.s. Every day I am grateful to you for allowing me to have Maybee. Elaine (Sept 2011)

Vanessa Morgan finished in 4th place with Foothills Hopefilly in the Training Single Pony division of the Indiana CDE on Labor Day weekend. The event was at the Hoosier Horse Park. Son, Dillon Morgan, was the navigator. This was Dillon's first-ever equine competition and he was fantastic, keeping his mom on course and on time through all 3 marathon phases. Hope again proved what a fantastic, reliable pony she is with double-clear rounds in cones and marathon.

From the ACPS Weekly Pony News Week of 8-21-11:
The 2011 WCCS was a very successful and exciting outing for Darian and Allen Hall’s Rosewood Farm. Their ponies came to impress, winning several championships and taking home many of the perpetual trophies. Four year old Rosewood Doon Buggy (MGRM Brigadoon X Foothill’s Foggy Morning [by *Gun Smoke]), bred by Darian Hall, owned by Kali Armitage and shown by Megan Lepper, was the Prospect Division Champion for ponies in their first year of showing. Foothill’s Foggy Morning (Gun Smoke X Balmullo's Rhiannon [by Concord River Roaringwater Bay]), shown by junior rider Emily Carreno,
won the Green Division Champion for ponies showing in their 2nd year and was also the Child/AA Division Champion. Additionally, Emily and Foggy Morning earned themselves the Louise LeBeau Trophy for the highest dressage score for riders ages 13-17 with their 73% in Training Level test 2.

Foothill's Foggy Morning and junior rider
Emily Carreno warming up for dressage

Vanessa, Bea (Foothills MayBee) ROCKED today. I took her to Great Falls Va to a Handy Hunter show put on by the Fairfax Hunt. I got a late start this morning as Bea had managed to get into some greasy orange-brown muck (what is it??) in the field during the night so I had to give her a complete bath before we even started. That is pretty typical Bea, as you know. We got there, I checked in, and we went careening down the lane to the ring but didn't make it for the hack class. The next class in our division, first flight, was the cross county as a group following the Master, so Bea had to practically jump off the trailer and out onto the course. She was a true rock star. She LOVES going cross country in a group. I can feel her looking for the next fence. When 3 horses in front of her stopped at a ditch, I simply asked and she soared over it. The very same thing happened at a large table, she went right past the stoppers and over the jump in style. She won the class with the judge being very complimentary. The onlookers practically asked for her autograph! She then went on to earn a third place in the handy hunter stadium course (I haven't worked her on flying changes yet) and then I entered her in the advanced hack section and she was perfect on the flat and also over the 2'11" combination that was part of the class as well as the hand gallop and quick stop. She is amazing. She won that class as well so we came home with 2 blues and 1 yellow from 3 classes. We have been invited to hunt with Fairfax and they gave me a free capping fee. Handy Hunter is Bea's favorite so far! We are going cubbing with the Loudoun West Hunt (closer to home) on Sept 13 and I am sure looking forward to that. Cheers, Elaine (Aug 11)





FM (Foothills Foggy Morning) did a great job at the West Coast Show. Lots of ribbons and the Junior Rider Throphy.
Her daughter Rosewood Doon Buggy
won the Prospect Trophy, I think 70 and 74 in dressage. Results and photos soon.

Waterford's April Fools (by Foothills Waterman) placed 2nd in the Half-bred class at the 2011 Region III Show.

Bloomville, NY: Heather White reports that on Friday June 24th Catskill Connemaras welcomed a filly to their herd. Heather says, “Foothill's Freedom (Balmullo's Beacon X Appleberry Acres Gabriel) gave birth to a beautiful smoky black filly by Greystone Adirondack A'Herne. Catskill's Lady Liberty or "Libby" is a friendly, charismatic and energetic young lady! We plan on keeping Libby as a future dressage pony. Freedom will go back to work in dressage and jumping (which is her forte) this fall. We are very excited to see Harry's great disposition in Libby and are very excited to watch this wonderful little filly come into her own.” Catskill Connnemaras is owned by Heather and Pat Norton-White.

From Pat: "Thought I'd share a photo of Freedom's first with you, Catskill's Lady Liberty (Libby). Thank you for Freedom - we truly love her!"

2011 ACPS Region IV Connemara Show at Canterbury Showplace, Newberry, FL

Bruiser (Foothills Field Marshall) Won the In-Hand Champion Purebred and also Won the High Score Dressage Award

pictured below with owner, Donna Duckworth, and rider/trainer Luke McLaughlin

Balmullo's Catfish (below) did very will for his owner,Vanessa Morgan, and rider, Barbie Beckford:
Intro Test A - 2nd place
Intro Test B - 1st place
2' Connemara Jumpers - 1st place
2' Open Pony Jumpers - 1st place
Tadpole Combined Tests - 1st place
Reserve Champion Combined Training

(Look at the size and shape of those tadpole jumps; there were 1 doubles and a triple in the jumper classes!)

Balmullo's Beacon and his rider Avery Lewis Won the Pony Jumper Champion and the Combined Training Champion Awards (photo below)

Elderglen's Miss Kitty ridden by Elliott Blackman (pictured below), owned by Nancy Kilcrease, was 2nd place Connemara Pony Jumper Beg Nov Combined 2'6 (OT)

WH Top Gun, ridden by Luke McLaughlin (pictured below), owned by Jim Kilcrease won 1st place USEF 2011 First Level Test 3

Kathee Cook, Jacksonville, FL, is leasing Foothills Caroline.

Congratulations to Elaine Meilahn on her purchase of Foothills MayBee. Elaine has been leasing Bea for a while and has fallen in love with her. Elaine finally convinced me to let Bea stay with her permanently. This was one of the most difficult sales for me, as Bea is the last daughter out of my foundation mare, Blue Hills Erin, and was the only daughter I had kept by Balmullo's Beacon. Besides all of that, Bea is simply a lovely pony - great size, movement, temperament, ability, and a joy to ride. Having said that, I could not be happier with Bea's new home. She is extremely loved and well cared for. I wish all the best for Elaine and Bea.

Arbor Lane’s Bailey (*Gunsmoke x Foothills Maybee by Balmullo’s Beacon) is on lease in West Virginia and had a dun filly sired by *The Quietman on April 1st. The filly has been named Windy Isles Folly. She will return in foal to the thoroughbred stallion Triple Twist for a halfbred for next year. Triple Twist is one of the last stallions of the Bonne Nuit dynasty and bloodlines that produced such greats as Gem Twist. Should make for a fantastic eventing halfbred.

Foothills Faithfilly has been sold to Donna Huntsman in Keno, OR

Klamath Falls, OR: Donna Huntsman has sent the following:”Yet another phone call from Joan brought our attention to a mare from Illinois, Foothill’s Faithfilly (Balmullo’s Beacon X Foothills Hopefilly) who was owned by Pat Cunningham and was being offered for sale ‘to the right home’, a clear sign of a much loved pony. What the heart desires, the heart doesn’t always get but one can always pray. As it turned out, she was acquired by a client of Joan’s whose life led her in another direction, so she offered her to us. All parties involved agree that Faith was meant to be with us and fate just had to take a winding path to get her to our door. She is bred to Potiquimi Keely Shay and is teaching a very talented young rider the ropes, as well as packing a couple of lead line kids around and being adored by all. We are hoping for a filly and Pat has come up with the perfect name, Gracefilly. Faithfilly recently won Champion Connemara of the Show with an average scoreof 67.5 for her Training Level classes at the Cascade Combined Training Association’s Summer Dressage Series on June 18th, 2011. CCTAis a chapter of the Oregon Dressage Society. Faithfilly was ridden by Cheyenne Riechert of Keno, OR.

Smokey's Design has been sold to Shannon O'Hatnick in Knoxville, TN

Bailey's Irish Dream has been sold to Pat Shields, Dry Brook Farm, in Harwinton, CT

Just wanted to let you know that Quincy placed 5th out of 20 some at his first BN horse trial at the Kentucky Horse Park. He was as good as he new how to be. I never could get a stadium lesson prior to the show so he schooled his first course at the HT. He was cute, very careful and took a good look before he neatly jumped without any penalties. XC clear with no hesitations. What a good boy. Thought you would enjoy the news. Another Bubba baby doing his job:) May -11

Fun times with sisters at the Gayla CDE in Georgetown,KY, May 2011

Connemara Pony Siblings at the Gayla Bluegrass Combined Driving Event Two purebred Connemara sisters and four ACPS Region IV members competed in the Training Single Pony division at the Gayla Bluegrass CDE on May 21-22 in Lexington, KY. Marion Caldwell drove Foothills Juniper (Balmullo’s Beacon x Blue Hills Morning Star), with daughter Laura as navigator, in their first CDE. Vanessa Morgan drove Foothills Hopefilly (Concord River Roaringwater Bay x Blue Hills Morning Star) with ‘gator Carole Moss, their second CDE. Through Dressage, cones and a grueling marathon, both ponies and Whips performed with excellence! Marion and Juniper brought home 2nd place, with Vanesssa and Hope placing 4th. The two ponies were the topic of much conversation in the Marathon vet box, at the same time! Congratulations ladies! ACPS Region IV Newsletter

Connemaras Do It All!
below: Piedmont Harmony - aka "Grits")

Avery Lewis rode Balmullo’s Beacon to a 2nd place finish at the Poplar Place Horse Trails the weekend of May 7-8. This is 9 yr old Avery’s 2nd event. She competed with 14 other entries in the BN division and finished on her dressage score with double-clear cross-country/stadium jumping rounds.

The following weekend they returned to Poplar Place, this time for the Pony Club Show Jumping Rally. Father and groom, Jeff Lewis, writes “I don’t know how much you know about Pony Club, but Rallies are a unique thing. There were 14 four person teams from all over the Southeast Region. The parents drop off the kids and the horses at the barn, and are not allowed to speak with them or interact with them or the horses during the day for Saturday and Sunday. This is hard for Helen and me, as we are used to being very much involved. I was the announcer, so for both days I was in the tower announcing. Helen did the refreshments for the Judges and officials, so she baked for days prior to the meeting.

Avery and Beacon went clear on all three jump rides, jumping 2’9” on some pretty complicated courses. Avery also won the jump off after her final ride. Beacon was so perfect that you would have thought he was mechanical. He really is a dream horse! It was a bit boring for him, but Avery grazed him on a lead line a lot of the time, which he likes a lot. Although these Rallies are exhausting, we think they are good for Avery, teaching her to be more self reliant, and to be very much responsible for Beacon, all of the time. “

Beacon’s owner, Vanessa Morgan, is very proud of Avery and feels extremely blessed that the Lewis family is enjoying and caring for Beacon. She had a feeling that Beacon and Avery would be a perfect fit for each other. So far, “Team Lewis” is proving that gut feeling to be spot on! Next on the Team Lewis agenda was the Chattahoochee Hills Horse Trials. Avery was the only Junior rider and put in a very good run with another double-clear ride.

Vanessa writes, “ I am so looking forward to seeing Avery and Beacon together at the Region 4 Connemara Show next month at Canterberry Show Place in FL!!”

Bea and I had a great time this weekend with a bunch of other Connemaras. Donna Duckworth and Katherine Mack were there with ponies. I saw some of Bea’s relatives.
We were at the ACPS Centered Riding clinic with Susan Harris. Bea (Foothills MayBee) was a star.
I was reminded to breathe – always a good idea! It was a wonderful clinic . (May 2011)

5/28/11 Rocking Horse Schooling Horse Show:
Intro Test A - 5th place
Intro Test B - 4th place
18" Jumpers - 7th place
Catfish jumping his first-ever stadium round

Catfish was WONDERFUL at the show!! He trotted around his 18" jumper course so nicely! We took it very easy & just trotted, so had time faults but he jumped so nicely & quietly I was REALLY proud of him! His first dressage he was a bit spooky, first time in a dressage ring, afraid of the white sand footing so he trotted in rather floaty, then he looked at all the letters. The second test he had figured it out and he was much quieter, no more spooking, nice and relaxed ,and we scored 65 and got 4th out of about 10 entries! The judge really liked him; she complimented me on him when I saw her later, calling him a very nice prospect and commenting on how quickly he figured thing out between the 2 tests. He was fabulous and handled everything just wonderfully. He made many fans. (Barbie 5/11)

Hello Vanessa, it's been a long time since I've given you an update on Mr Reilly (PF Dunford O'Reilly) !... he went to college with Cassie!.. and has been on their Hunter/Jumper team for two years now!!... here's the website.. with his pic on there.. : )

the team loves him!.. Cassie is on the team but hasn't been showing however Reilly has!!.. very fun.. Cassie is still in the Pony Club also.. and is going for her C3 rating this summer with Reilly. Just last weekend Cassie took him out for the Event Derby at Galway Downs (or Southern California Equestrian Center as it is now called) and she and Reilly placed 2nd in the dressage and 2nd in the jumping (show jumping combined with cross country) doing 2'6". They had a blast.

We love Reilly, he is the best horse ever. Mary Jo (April 2011)

Balmullo's Catfish is now at Tiberias Farm in FL with Barbie Beckford to ride and play around in the Temple untile the Region 4 show at Canterbury (March 2011)

Avery Lewis recently competed in her first EVER horse trials at Pine Top Farm on March 19-20, 2011, on Balmullo's Beacon.

Watch this video and turn the volume up; what fun she's having!:-)
I think she is now hooked on eventing:-)

Region 4 Trail Ride, hosted by Stephanie Fenton-Hickey. Read about it HERE

L-R: Rachel Blalock and Hilites, Vanessa Morgan on CoStar, and Carole Moss on Buddy

Dreamy (aka Dreamcatcher's Fyrestorme) is now with Kim Gates in VA at the Shangrila Guest Ranch

Check out the video on my FB page to see Luke McCloughlan riding Foothills Field Marshall

Foothill’s Freedom has been bred for a 2011 foal to Greystone Adirondack A’Herne. We are patiently awaiting our Harry baby and hope to have a heck of a Dressage
pony on our hands! Heather White, Catskill Connemaras: Bloomville, NY

Marty Whitehouse and Piedmont Sundance (Balmullo’s Beacon x TB mare)
finished in 3rd on their dressage score at the Polpar Place USEA Horse Trials in February 2011.

Foothill Farms and Piedmont Connemaras would like to congratulate the following ACPS Achievement Award recipients for 2010:

Bronze Medal in Hunters and a Certificate of Achievement in In-Hand went to Paulette Moak for Ivydell Prudence (Balius Turlough x Alki Zenith)

Certificate of Achievement in Hunters and a Certificate of Achievement in Pony Club went to Avery Lewis for Balmullo's Beacon (Aladdin x Tullymor's April Fool)

Award of Excellence in Dressage went to Janet Hibel for Balmullo's Cassiopia (Balumllo's Beacon x Foothills Morning Star)

Bronze Medal in Dressage went to Kathee Nebel for Tuckaseegee's Dundee (Foothills Waterman x Kid Sister)

Certificate of Achievement in In-Hand went to Darian Hall for Foothills Foggy Morning (*Gun Smoke x Balmullo's Rhiannon)

Three half-sisters, out of Blue Hills Morning Star: L - R: Corner Oak Celtic Star (driven by Carole Moss), Foothills Hopefilly and Foothills Juniper (with me in the middle) at Hitchcock Woods, Aiken, SC - Jan 2011
photo by Marion Caldwell (owner and driver of Juniper)

Carole Moss and I took Foothills Hopefilly and Corner Oak Celtic Star to Aiken, SC to visit with Marion and Rob Caldwell and friends, and enjoy the Aiken sand and trails.

Marion on Juniper:

Rob on Quincy:

Quincy was great and Juniper was good too. We had a lovely tailgate that day with a cookout under the big oaks. We even had a little 10 year old red headed freckle faced connemara rider play the violin for us. She was so cute and played really well. There were at least 50 people there. Nice way to end the trip. (Marion)

Hi Vanessa, Grits (Piedmont Harmony) is a fabulous horse... I am really enjoying the "new sports". I am desensitizing her to guns for mounted shooting, and I would like to get a mounted archery group going locally (the closest is in FL). We had the opportunity to work cows a few weeks ago. Everyone at the clinic was joking about her finding all the Irish cows and leaving the others for the Quarter Horses. She did very well with the cows. Her varied abilities are astounding! Anyone can ride her on a trail ride, she is bombproof and fearless.

Grits qualified for the Extreme Cowboy World Championship show in 2010. I only showed her in half of the season, but she still had enough points to qualify! It was in Topeka, so we didn't go this year. Kim L

Hi Vanessa! Lazer Lavender is moving up to training level!
Here’s some photos of her at her last show with a junior rider on her.

I was so proud , Laura, Lazer Ray Stables):))

I'm afraid to tell you how good (Foothills Bobby Socks) Bobby has been doing because I don't want you to regret selling him to me! After he didn't bat an eye at lunging with milk jugs and he learned to work in long lines at record speed, I put Clare on him on the lunge line to trot circles a few times and he was perfect - forward, willing, obedient, and completely unconcerned. Now we just have to wait until he's old enough to ride! I'm really looking forward to riding him. He is the most kind and willing and trusting horse I've ever met, and what a lovely mover. If you are ever not using Hope for a year you should use some of the frozen semen to make another Bobby! Pat (Jan 2011)

Piedmont Sundance - 3rd in novice at Poplar Place with a 29.1 dressage, clear otherwise. Go Sundance and rider Marty Whitehouse! (Jan 2011)

Hello, Vanessa, Yes, (Balmullo's) Billy Elliot is my boy. I adore him. He's easygoing, talented and the friendliest horse I've ever known. He's also quite handsome, in his shaggy big-boned pony way. Mostly we hang at the farm and trail ride with my daughter, but we also do some dressage, event, we've foxhunted a few times (he was great), he's tried cattle herding (loved it), and we did a couple of bombproofing clinics with mounted police (who told me that if he was bigger they'd want him for the force). Last year we did three beginner novice level (unrecognized) events; he won two (Full Moon Farm and Jenny Camp) and was fourth at Waredaca. We're going to Full Moon again next weekend. Cheers, Susan (Nov 2010)

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We have lost track of the current owners, locations, and status of the following ponies;
any news or updates on their whereabouts would be greatly appreciated.

Foothills Ashford

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Gately's Smoking Gun

(2003 photo)  last known address: California

Foothills Holiday

last known address: Louisiana

Foothills Finale

(1993 photo)  last known address: Greenwood, SC








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