Tullymor's Kessie

black filly, born 5-31-12


(Tullymor's Mountain Shadow x Tullymor's Kiss of Sun )

Kessie is full sibling to Tullymor's Shady Lady, Tullymor's Tigger and Tullymor's Gracie Gray
Bred by May Medley (GA); owned by Vicky Castellano (AR)


CONGRATULATIONS to Vicky Castellano! She took Tullymor's Kessie to the 2014 ACPS Region 5 show
won her 2-4 yr old purebred class against some very tough competition. (July 2014)

Below: April 5, 2014 ~ 2 yrs old

Winter photos: January 2014

rising 2 yr old photo from December 2013

below: August 2013

Below: yearling photo from June 2013

Sire: Tullymor's Mountain Shadow S628 XXXVII

Dam: Tullymor's Kiss of Sun M2107 XLI