Piedmont Woodrow

(Tullmor's Mountain Thunder x Seaborne's Maritime [Seaborne's Schooner x TB])
ACPS Registration pending bay Connemara-TB bay colt born 6/14/18
Bred and owned by
Vanessa Morgan, FF/PC, Athens, TN

Super sporty, friendly, outgoing, athletic 3/4 Connemara with just enough TB to keep things exciting:-) This guy is destined for greatness!
Available for purchase at a special "pre-weaning" price. Email for details

8/25/18 photos:

Can you say GROWTH SPURT?!!


Yes, he is as sweet as he looks:-)Yet, playful, as well!

2 months old:


scroll down for more baby photos


SIRED BY: Tullymor's Mountain Thunder (Tullymor’s Flying Ace x Kahula)

OUT OF: Seaborne's Maritime (Seaborne's Schooner x Double Avenue [TB] )

1 month old:

1 month old

4 days old

1 day old