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PEMF Practitioners do not diagnose; owners and individuals are encouraged to contact their health care professionals if they have any problems/concerns.

PEMF is complimentary and supportive to conventional care provided by a Vet &/or Medical Doctor. It is also used with proper health care, maintenance and training.

PEMF does not attempt to cure anything; PEMF recharges the cells through cellular exercize, better equipping the body to heal itself.

Who should or should not use PEMF? 

PEMF is very useful in performance enhancement, illness & injury prevention and support for healing.
PEMF can be used on people and animals, both young and old.

PEMF therapy enhances a bodies natural ability to heal itself. It can reduce pain and improve the quality of life and performance by allowing a body to function as it was designed to do!

Do not use if:

When to use PEMF? 

* PEMF is NOT a subsitute to Veterinary/Medical Care. ALL Veterinary/Medical care supercedes.

Older pets and horses:

A Retired Horse can benefit because the #1 BENEFIT of MASSAGE is INCREASED CIRCULATION…..As a result of the increased circulation the body releases endorphins (body’s natural pain killer) and loosens all of the muscles rebalancing your retired equine partner!

Horses in lay-up:

People: PEMF Therapy continues to be studied throughout the world on a variety of health conditions :
Studies have shown positive effects on a vast array of Health Conditions including insomnia, arthritis, migraines,
fibromyalgia and even depression, anxiety disorders and so much more!?



As with any athlete, proper care and treatment of muscles, tendons and ligaments, helps to prevent injuries.

Indications that your horse would benefit from PEMF

* Behavioral issues
* Decreased performance due to tight muscles or muscle spasms
* Head bobbing
* Unexplained lameness
* Difficulty with lateral movement
* Refusal or difficulty picking up/holding the correct lead
* Girthing problems
* Lack of forward impulsion
* Old or recent injuries or illness
* Chronic issues requiring regular maintenance
* Working in a "job" that it is not conformationally best suited


Regular equine bodywork can be invaluable for the equine athlete.

What are some the effects and benefits of PEMF?

"What are the benefits of equine bodywork?"

* Alleviates muscle fatigue
* Helps prevent injuries
* Promotes healing of injuries
* Improves circulation
* Lengthens connective tissue
* Reduces inflammation and swelling
* Enhance muscle tone and increase range of motion

+ Increase Energy, Improve Performance & Sense of Well-Being
PEMF creates a systemic response like Fine-Tuning or Turbo-charging the WHOLE body... because of this many issues, not just the targeted ones, also experience improvement.

+ Relieve PAIN with No Medication, often with Immediate but Lasting Response

- The blood oxygen is increased, lymphatic system is activated and acupuncture points are stimulated. This process reduces pain and inflammation and promotes healing.
- As a result of PEMF treatments, a cell can actually change some of the sodium back to potassium, which is documented in a U.S. Army study, this reduces pain, often fading pain away in minutes.
- The electromagnetic pulse is causing the body to generate tiny little micro currents, and the energy tends to run through the neural pathways. This seems to swamp the C fibers from accessing the neural gates which allow the pain signal to stream to the brain. Less-signal, less pain perception.
- High Intensity PEMF Devices like ours, because of their deep penetration are particularly effective in relieving deep muscle soreness. PEMF treatment is also very effective but gentle for an area which may be too sore to touch and manually massage.

+ Increase Circulation
- One of the most basic functions magnetic fields have in the body is to increase circulation, not by increasing heartbeat or blood pressure, but by opening and dilating the arteries and capillaries. When a cell (such as a red blood cell) is injured or ill, it does not hold its ideal charge. This causes red blood cells to "stick" together, making circulation slow. When a magnetic field passes through the cell, the membrane becomes properly charged, allowing the cell to repel itself and keep separate from other cells, thereby increasing circulation. Blood vessels dilate improving the amount of blood flowing through the vessels and therefore increasing the amount of oxygen delivered to the tissues.
- Poor circulation makes tissues unhealthy and prone to disease and breakdown. Improved circulation helps tissues get the nutrition they need, while expelling the waste they produce.
-Good circulation helps tissue with healing and regeneration, reduces swelling and bruising.


+ Improve Blood Oxygenation
PEMF therapy helps with the process of extracting oxygen out of the air we breathe and help it be transported into the circulation. The absorbed oxygen is then transported throughout the body where it is absorbed into individual cells. Our cells need oxygen for cell metabolism, the energy necessary to function properly. Proper blood-oxygen levels at the cell level allow this process to continue efficiently. Impaired cell metabolism can lead to decreased performance levels, injuries, illness, and chronic disease.

+ Stimulates Faster & Healthier Recovery from Exercise or Injury
?PEMF Therapy stimulates cell metabolism, which helps the cell take in more oxygen and nutrients and improves the Lymphatic (Detox) system allowing the cell to easily rid itself of damaging toxins and cellular waste. This reduces pain, inflammation, buildup of lactic acid and improves the overall healing capabilities. PEMF regenerates damaged or diseased tissues. PEMF enhances the synthesis of proteins allowing the body to take full advantage of proteins.

PEMF Therapy may achieve the following:
- Repair and Regenerate Damaged or Diseased Tissue
- Accelerated Bone Mending & Wound Healing
- Increase cellular level of Oxygen Absorption up to 200%
- Enhance the Synthesis of Protein

What to expect? 

Riders and Trainers consistently report a more fluid, supple ride after even just one CE session.


Horses in work can have muscle tension that will turn into a spasm. A spasm is contracted fibers unable to obtain their own release. It WILL grow in time. As it grows the horse can become “off” or “not move right” this can be as a result of the spasm. Horses will learn to compensate themselves by not traveling straight, acting girthy, back sore, swapping leads, tossing their heads or head shy (jaw pain), refusing fences. The list is endless.

ALSO……..they will start to use their joints to compensate for the lack of muscle.

+ Decrease Inflammation = Increase Range of Movement
Inflammation is a necessary and beneficial process initiated by the body to repair cellular damage in tissues but it often persists longer than necessary, creating pain and limiting movement , sometimes developing into chronic inflammation, which can lead to the ongoing tissue damage found in diseases like tendinitis, arthritis or psoriasis. Chronic inflammation is also a cause of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, among many other disease conditions.

It is interesting to note that normal cells are not usually impacted by magnetic fields. Compromised cells, called meta-stable cells, are more likely to be impacted. This means that PEMFs have more impact in circumstances where there is imbalance in tissues or cells, ie, where there is pathology or chronic inflammation. PEMF Therapy has been found to reduce chronic, damaging inflammation.

+ Enhance Muscle Function = Endurance, Strength, Recovery
Muscle energy production improves. This allows muscles to work harder and longer, and recover more quickly from their work. Muscles that are contracted or in spasm are better able to relax, decreasing tension and reducing pain caused by spasm.

+ Provides Relaxation, Stress Reduction and Deep Tissue Massage through Pulsating Muscle Stimulation
- There is an apparent relaxing of the vascular system within minutes of completing a PEMF session, which drops blood pressure by twenty to thirty percent.
- Stress is responsible for at least 65% of our illnesses and accelerates aging. Magnetic Fields have many stress-reducing effects and help to erase the negative effect natural stresses have on our bodies.
- People and other animals usually enjoy PEMF treatments. People liken it to a "deep tissue massage" and describe it as feeling like a "Spa Treatment".


Did you ever slip on ice, fall in a hole in the yard or just sit or sleep wrong? You wake up the next day sore, right?-------Horses can become sore from rolling, playing in the field, getting cast in a stall, slipping in the aisle and many times horse owners are unaware.. All the owners know is that when they go to ride the horse 'does not feel right' or is 'acting bad'....When in fact the horse may be sore and now is asked to; bend, collect, engage their hind end, jump a fence, extend for Dressage, collect for Western Pleasure, pivot on their haunches for Showmanship and cannot. The sore muscles combined with the demand to perform can exacerbate the initial soreness and create bad behavioral problems.


+ Accelerate Bone Mending, Wound Healing
PEMF treatments improve the quality of calcium produced and mend bones in one-third of the normal time. The skin of the bone seems to develop cells more like the DNA dictates. PEMFs work to repair bones, whether damaged by surgery, injury or disease and have been found to improve bone regeneration such as occurs with osteoporosis and osteopenia, among other bone destroying conditions.
Because PEMF regenerates damaged tissue of all types, wounds generally heal much faster, in one-third to one-half the time with less scarring.


Experience the transforming power of PEMF cellular exercise! Call today.

Carson, Connemara pony, above and below enjoying drug-free PEMF cellular exercise by

DISCLAIMER: Vanessa Morgan is a certified PEMF practitioner, offering cellular exercise using the PULSE Centers EQ-X system. The EQ-X is not a medical device and has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended for the diagnosis, treatment or cure of any medical condition and is not intended as a replacement or substitute for appropriate medical attention.