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 About Vanessa

Certified PEMF Practitioner

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call/text 423-506-6975


Services: Offering Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) Cellular Exercise (CE) to Horses, People and Pets.

The PEMF device sends a pulsing magnetic field through a soft, flexible rubber coil up to 16 inches deep into the body. As the pulsing magnetic field pulses on, the cell membrane is gently pulled by the magnetic field. On the off phase of the pulse, the cell membrane is relaxed. As the cells expand and relax, the cell membrane becomes more permeable, allowing the cell to release waste, toxins and inflammation and receive oxygen and nutrients. This receiving of oxygen and releasing of waste is what increases the natural charge of the cell. As the cell reaches it’s natural charge, the message of pain to the brain is reduced and the cells return to optimal health. This cellular exercise is what is profoundly beneficial and unique to PEMF. Because the magnetic wave effects only the cells that have a low level of charge, the damaged cells are the only ones that show pulsing or twitching. PEMF is very effective in detecting the location of the damaged cells (areas of soreness).


The equipment I used is developed and manufactured by Pulse Centers. I have the portable EQ-X, with large, medium and small loops and the square pad, for people and pets; this system is able to penetrate gently but deeply into the body, healing places not easily reached with massage, lasers or other methods. With the advanced technology and the proven treatment protocols, PEMF therapy can be performed quickly and effectively on every horse in your barn.

My focus is primarily on horses in training or performance, for maintenance or recovery, and on injuries and wounds.
I am also happy to accept pets whose loving owners see the need and benefit of PEMF for their beloved creatures.
I also work on people, primarily at shows, to address those nagging aches and pains that interfere with their rides, chores, etc..
I also offer a few wellness packages as a ministry to local people who need help getting their healing or recovery boosted or back on track after a life-changing illness or injury.


PEMF Sessions:

Sessions can be done at your farm, your veterinarian's clinic, at shows and other public venues. Please check my facebook page (click FB icon above) for notifcations about shows I will be attending.

I provide the cellular exercize, CE, sessions using a pulsed magnetic field over the body, with a proven protocol developed to penetrate deeply into muscle, soft tissue and bone, stimulating cellular metabolism, while providing a relaxing full-body massage. The magnetic field is adjusted to a gentle, very comfortable level, specific to the horse and area of the body being targeted.

This cellular exercise is profoundly beneficial and unique to PEMF. Because the electromagnetic field effects only the cells that have a low level of charge, the damaged cells are the only ones that show pulsing or twitching. Because of this, PEMF is very effective in detecting the location of the damaged cells. Sessions typically last between 30-90 minutes.

PEMF treatments are Non-Invasive. No sedation is needed. No Drugs. No Side Effects.

Results are usually noticeable after the first treatment! PEMF can actually show where your horse is sore, while simultaneously providing relief.

In addition to PEMF for peak equine performance, I also provide pulsed magnetic therapy to support healing of various illnesses and injuries in horses, humans and pets.

A full body CE session lasts approximately 45 minutes. The results can be immediate and last for weeks or more!

Target area session protocols depend on the individual.

Routine sessions are recommended to enhance the entire body's ability to maintain optimal health and peak performance, in addition to supporting the prevention of injury, inflamation, soreness and fatigue due to the rigors of regular training and competition.

Acute issues, recent stresses, fatigue, etc. can often be addressed in a single session and can reduce the amount of time required to rejuvenate and restore cellular charge, allowing the body to repair/heal more quickly.

Series wounds and injuries respond best to 90 minute sessions on a regular basis until significant changes/healing is observed. Recovery times may be reduced by up to 50% with multipe sessions per week.

Chronic issues (years of stress, overwork, old injuries, etc.) will benefit the most by more frequent pulsing in the beginning. I recommend at least 5 sessions (a minimum of 3 sessions) over the course of 2 weeks to allow the affected area(s) to detoxify and gradually improve cellular function, circulation, oxygen/nutrient intake and restoration. 10 sessions within 4-6 weeks provides optimal opportunity for the body to heal and regenerate lost or compromised cellular function and health. Bimonthly or monthly follow-up sessions are recommended to maintain the restored state of wellness.

Pulse On! PEMF Prices:

The Whole Body Protocol is the most popular and the most beneficial for horses in active training, competition and overall well-being.

It is highly recommended that people with chronic symptoms received a series of *cellular exercise sessions to support the the body's natural healing process.
It takes years to develop chronic conditions; one should not expect a "magic pill" to resolve the issue overnight. With a committment to regular cellular exercize sessions, many chronic conditions CAN be resolved!

Most Common Package Prices:
Wellness Sessions (30 minutes): 5 target sessions $225 or 10 target sessions $400
Healing Packages (90 minutes):3 session $400, 5 sessions $650, 8 sessions $1000 or 10 sessions $1200

For diagnosed medical issues, consult your veterinarian and/or doctor for approval to gradually return to activity, which will most often occur much more quickly than expected!

 *Ask about trainer/farm discounts, multiple sessions or seasonal specials & gift certificates (birthdays, holidays, anniversaries)


DISCLAIMER: Vanessa Morgan is a certified PEMF practitioner, offering cellular exercise using the PULSE Centers EQ-X system. The EQ-X is not a medical device and has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended for the diagnosis, treatment or cure of any medical condition and is not intended as a replacement or substitute for appropriate medical attention.