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 About Vanessa

Certified PEMF Practitioner

Contact Info 

call/text 423-506-6975



 Vanessa is a graduate of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture, majoring in Food Technology and Science. She also completed over 30 hours of animal science studies at UTK, including courses in nutrition, feeds and ration formulation, horse selection and judging, anatomy and physiology, physiology of reproduction, and farm management.

During her 30-year career with a global food manufacturing industry leader, she and her husband raised 2 sons and while establising a very successful family-owned Connemara Pony breeding facility. They began Foothills Farms & Piedmont Connemaras in 1998 in Winston-Salem, NC, and continues today in Athens, TN.

They have managed 6 breeding stallions, have bred outside mares (as their my own) by both AI/TS and live cover on the farm. Vanessa feels very blessed to have been responsible for the birth of over 50 Connemaras on her farm. She particularly enjoy handling and training foals (birth - 2 y.o.) and she has also trained and competed in combined training and combined driving. She also enjoys mountain trail rides, local dressage and CT shows. More significantly, she has successfully matched up many ponies with loving and appreciative owners.

 Vanessa is a Life Member of the American Connemara Pony Society and has participated as a Board Member, Vice-President, Regional Chairman, worked on several committees, and has managed shows for the ACPS Region 4.

She earned the Crestwood Service Award from the ACPS in

Vanessa has visited and studied Connemaras across the US and also in Ireland with the national inspection teams, to improve her eye for type and quality.

Vanessa continues to participar in various local and regional equine associations.

 Vanessa was bitten by the horse-bug at an early age, around 4. This is her at a locally reknowned riding stables, where she rode everything from saddle seat, to racking horses to side-saddle.

Vanessa was suprised on her birthday with her first horse at age 12:  

an unregistered mare named Gypsy:-)

 Vanessa eventing on her beloved Balmullo's Beacon:
a purebred Connemara stallion

In her "spare time", Vanessa still enjoys riding, as well as driving her Connemara homebreds, as singles or pairs.


Continuing Edu (2019)

Below: Vanessa pulsing her homebred, Prelim Eventing stallion, Foothills Field Marshall, at Hagyard (KY) Prelim 3-day in 2018

DISCLAIMER: Vanessa Morgan is a certified PEMF practitioner, offering cellular exercise using the PULSE Centers EQ-X system. The EQ-X is not a medical device and has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended for the diagnosis, treatment or cure of any medical condition and is not intended as a replacement or substitute for appropriate medical attention.