This pair of full brothers (purebred grandsons of the infamous Connemara stallion *Gun Smoke) were bred by Beury Stout of West Virginia.
They are now owned by Vanessa Morgan, Foothills Farms/Piedmont Connemaras.

 Providence Carson
(Tullymor's Samson MacDara X Foothills Smokey Bay)
14.1h bay Connemara gelding, born 9/1/10

 Providence Bates
(Tullymor's Samson MacDara X Foothills Smokey Bay)
14.1h bay Connemara gelding, born 6/18/12

I am so excited to report that Carson and Bates have begun their destined careers! They are with my farrier, and Project Tully comrade, Joel Sherlin, to begin their training as a combined driving pair. They have been with him only a week and he has already put them in harness and bridle and started ground-driving them as a pair. So far, all the reports are good! FF/PC Dec-17

Carson on the left and Bates on the right (above and below)

Since Florida, I have been inspired to get Team Dyno started. Meaning that Carson and Bates have been sent to Joel Sherlin to learn to drive (work!) as a pair. Joel's arena looks great because Carson and Bates are keeping it dragged! Anyway, in 4 short weeks, they have learned to harness, hobble, stand while hitching, pull the forecard, pull the drag (with and without the brake applied), stand still while hitched (while others ride around them in the arena), stay focused on their jobs while the herd gallops to the barn for water, and back into their parking place. Joel is very proud of their progress and so am I!

Sire & Dam

SIRE: Tullymor's Samson MacDara, S1803 XLIII (Tullymor's Chip O'Perseus, S653 XXXVIII x Tullymor's Ursula May, M1815 XXXVII)

DAM: Foothills Smokey Bay, M3238 XLIII (*Gun Smoke, S665 XXXVIII x Ballywhim Candace, M1767 XXXVI)

Full Brother

Providence's Mountain Smoke (aka Dillon)
Bred by Beury Stout (WV); owned by Dana Richardson (MI)
2016 ACPS Foxhunting Bronze Medallion
1st place Purebred Connemara Gelding at the 2015 ACPS Region IV Show:

We picked up these fine fellows at the beginning of October 2017, and brought them home to Athens, TN.

Though they have not started their careers, they loaded and traveled like gentleman, and are setting in to their new surroundings quite well.

Who votes that these two should make a combined driving pair?

They are making new friends every day, while still enjoying the company of one another:-)