Gallery 2014-2016

Ann and Henry (2016)

Elliott on Bruiser at the 2016 AECs and right after Eli's proposal


Carla and Carlin after their terrific dressage ride in the Masters Training Level Division at the 2016 AEC's in Tryon:

Marion and Elisabeth on Foothills Juniper - August 2016

Amanda with Tullymor's Blush after winning the Purebred Mare class at the 2016 ACPS Region 4 Show

Kate with Cailin (June 2016)

Emma with CoStar (June 2016)

Bri with Cat and Manda with Blush (June 2016)

Gardner with Herman (June 2016)

Bug (May 2016)

Kaitlyn and Tigger (March 2016)

Lisa came down from Virginia for the weekend to cheer on Breezy and CoStar at River Glen (Nov 2015)

Tollie on Keogh (Nov 2015)


Bri and Shorty at the ACPS Region IV Show (June 2015)


Bri and Marit at the ACPS Region IV Show (June 2015)

Shade and me at the ACPS Region IV Show (June 2015)

L to R: Melissa (on Caroline), Bri & Gwen at the TAGDEA show (March 2015)

Gardner and Herman (Nov2014)


Shade's first off-the-farm trail ride (Dec 2014)

Foothills Hopefilly and Foothills River Queen, about the 3 time hitched as a pair (Dec 2014)


Foothills Hopefilly at the 2014 MTCC HDT: Hope's first start at Prelim Single Pony and Charlie's first go as navigator!

Breezy and Roo (7/9/14)

Vanessa riding Donna's D's pony, Miss Emma in VA (July 2014)

Vanessa driving Hope (July 2014)

Lou helping with Caroline at a dressage show (2014)

Erin and Star (1/26/14)

below: Foothills MayBee and Elaine (2013)