Gallery 2017, 2018, 2019

Savannah and Queen (2019)

Anna and Boomer (2019)

Brooke and Marit (2019)

Sophie, Zoe and Sunny: August 2019

Gardner with Herman (2019)

Elli with Windy (2019)

Kim and Windy: June 2019

Anna and Boomer

Kim and Windy: November 2018

Kris and Queen: October 2018

Elliott and Bruiser: October 2018

Zoe and Sunny: October 2018

JJ Tate and Gideon: June 2018

Florida driving fun with Carole (Dec 2017 - January 2018)

Elliott and Bruiser: October 2017

Me with Kippure Little Big Chief at the Royal Dublin Show: August 2017

Elaine and Bea: July 2017

Me on Marit: June 2017

Carole Moss and Tully Roo: June 2017

"Does this bow make my butt look big?"

...I mean, really, does it?

Bug and Seaborne's Maritime: April 2017

Lou and Corner Oak Celtic Star: April 2017

Lou and Seaborne's Maritime: April 2017

Briana and Catfish (January 2017)

Cathleen and Carlin (mother and son), with owner, Carla (on right)

Alana and Foothills Foggy Morning

Cathy Blackmon enjoying a ride on Bruiser after the 2016 AEC competitions were over:

Briana and Catfish (2016)